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Power Storage Solutions: Successful ERP Implementation

Power Storage Solutions Avoids Multi-Platform Fatigue and Transforms Their Business

When Derrick Elledge and his partners bought Interstate Battery’s power storage division, they negotiated a 9-month window to continue operating on Interstate’s financial systems. This left little time to choose and implement systems of their own. The team chose Acumatica ERP for its rapid integration capabilities and ease of use, an all-in-one cloud-based solution that offers the full quote to cash cycle accounting and the ability to access critical systems from anywhere.

“What really threw us over the top with Acumatica is that it offered a full quote-to-cash cycle and it overlaid on top of a solid of our accounting system. Acumatica offered a service package, purchasing, inventory, a Client Relationship Management (CRM), quoting, manages projects and sales orders – all right there in one Operating System,” Elledge says.

Acumatica is also affordable and web-based, allowing for access from anywhere. It even offered Power Storage the ability to share data through a future customer portal. “Because of the way Acumatica is licensed – it allowed all our employees to be on the same system under one license – we quickly realized Acumatica was the system we wanted to use to grow the company with no need to bolt on anything else,” he says.

“We were shocked to find all of this functionality in one system.”

Elledge previously worked with PeopleSoft and Oracle software, which “were very difficult and costly to implement and you needed a whole lot of expertise,” he adds. “Each package has bolt-ons, but they really don’t seem to work well together. Their packages communicated but they don’t flow through the system the way we find Acumatica does.”

Once we launched, it was amazing. During the first month we billed $1.7 million straight out of Acumatica and closed the month in 45 days. In January, it only took 30 days to close, February 15 days, and March was 5 days.
- Derrick Elledge, VP of Operations


Boart Longyear PaySpace Success Story

“PaySpace has been a major player in our drive to compliance throughout Africa, without PaySpace we would still be paying fines, dealing with labour courts and most importantly our employees wouldn’t be as happy as they are now. Thank you PaySpace for your excellent service”

Ana da Silva, Managing Director - Boart Longyear

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