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What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) can be defined as the management of all processes, starting from registration of a fixture to the company’s inventory until it is scrapped.

It is not possible to control the quality and productivity of an establishment without controlling the core resources. Creating a Corporate Maintenance culture is only possible with Maintenance/Asset Management System.

BEAM is the most commonly used for Maintenance / Asset Management System primarily in the largest companies for its functionality, reporting and chart variety and ease of use.

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BEAM: Asset & Maintenance Management Software

BEAM is an asset and maintenance management software. BEAM has been developed since 1998 and has reputable international references worldwide. Beam Asset Management System offers a single point of control by managing all kinds of assets including Machinery, Plants, Buildings, Fleets on a common platform.

BEAM helps companies manage assets (equipment, machinery, cars, trucks, buildings and so on). BEAM helps manage maintenance schedules, spare parts, maintenance staff, calibration management, purchasing operations and energy consumption at any company. Maintenance types are periodic, preventive, predictive and brake-down maintenance. BEAM helps you automate asset and maintenance management operations.

Modules of BEAM are as follows: Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Personnel Management, Inventory Management, Calibration Management, Purchasing Management and Energy Management.

Many of the clients have reported 15% or more reduction in maintenance costs, 40-80% reduction in failures, reduction in parts inventory carrying costs. BEAM is scalable (We have clients with 100 employees, we have clients with 10,000 employees)

BEAM works on cloud and/or on-premise. BEAM can be accessed anywhere with internet connection. BEAM has a mobile app as well for both iOS and Android. BEAM is multilanguage and multicurrency.


Asset Brochures

BEAM for Aviation & Aerospace Industry - Maintenance Edition BEAM for Construction Industry
BEAM for Fleet Maintenance Management
BEAM for Healthcare Hospital Pharmaceutical
BEAM for Manufacturing Industry
BEAM for Mining & Metallurgy Industry
BEAM for Oil & Gas Industry - Fleet Management
BEAM for Oil Gas Energy Industry
BEAM for Public - Public Sector Maintenance Management
BEAM for Public Transportation Fleet Maintenance Management- Fleet Maintenance Management Edition
BEAM for Retail Industry
BEAM Hospitality and Property Management Brochure

Case Studies

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