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Solution Design Services

Technical Design Documents, where applicable are compiled from the FRS or FDD detailing system screens with standard fields, additional fields with or without additional logic (customisation) and technical configuration of the system thereby specifying how the system is to be built by QEDO's system functionality consultants ensuring a system meeting the functional requirements specified in the FRS or FDD.

Hardware (virtual servers in the cloud), operating system and database technology is designed and specified in a system architecture document prescribing the capacity and performance capabilities of the cloud virtual server and system software environment provisioned by Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure optimum performance of the true cloud EMS.

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Solution Design Services

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Power Storage Solutions a Acumatica Success Story

“Once we launched, it was amazing. During the first month we billed $1.7 million straight out of Acumatica and closed the month in 45 days. In January, it only took 30 days to close, February 15 days, and March was 5 days.”

Derrick Elledge - VP of Operations

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