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Our IT journey started as a curiosity in computers in the nineties when companies converted from manual records to electronic records. Cross casting being automated through spreadsheets caused far higher interest than being chartered accountants.

So we left the accounting profession for the IT industry, and have never looked back since. Year on year newer technologies find its way into the IT industry making change a constant reality!

Now we have the privilege and opportunity to apply our accounting skills to change business processes through digital transformation unlocking huge value and growth potential for all our clients.



/* kwa-li-tee
The standard of something
as measured against other
things of a similar kind



/* eksi – kju – shen
Track record in successful
project delivery



/* Dis – rap – tiv
Causing ground-breaking
disruption through technology innovation



/* A-pi-ray-shins
Business practices to create
the highest level of
efficiencies possible

About Us

QEDO Modern Cloud (Pty) Ltd (formerly eNovate Solutions), established in 2001, and its sister company QEDO (Pty) Ltd, namely the QEDO Group (“QEDO”) are an Information Technology (IT) group of companies focusing on design, implementation and support of true cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, can also be referred to as an Enterprise Management System (EMS).

It uses people, processes and technologies to craft tailored Enterprise Management Systems and entrench such systems through quality project execution, creating digital business operations enhancing efficiency and effectiveness within the client’s business causing disruption to its business sector, ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage enabling rapid growth of its bottom line.

QEDO’s highly specialised team has been more than 30 years in the IT industry providing QEDO with a solid track record in designing, configuring, customising, developing and deploying innovative true cloud ERP systems, providing reliable “one version of the truth” enterprise management information.

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QEDO’s Industry Solutions are packaged with a combination of software modules available on the Acumatica xRP true cloud platform.

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QEDO was established in 2001, as a Information Technology (IT) company focusing on implementation and support of Business Management Systems (BMS), Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), Digital Transformation and associated services.
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