Service Management

Why Choose Acumatica for Service Management?

Service Management business processes are streamlined due to the tight integration between all the Acumatica applications which include inventory, financials, distribution, project accounting and CRM.

Service Management allow for quick capture of service needs and assigning the right technician with the required skills to the appointments, tracking their progress in real time. This increase customer satisfaction which leads to increased revenue.


The visual dispatch calendar board assist the schedulers to assign the right skilled technicians to the service jobs.
Push notifications inform resources and customers in real time via email or sms of appointments made.
Resources are tracked in real-time with GPS location to monitor where abouts and can allocate to urgent case with ease by viewing who is closest to customer in point in time.
Intuitive dashboards improve decisions by providing real-time information for managers to monitor performance and progress effectively.

Service Management Applications Include:

Jobs are scheduled merely by drop and drag to technician calendar board. View of the resources scheduled per day, week, or month.

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Technicians initiate or close appointments either from the office or by mobile device. Travel time and distance recorded for travel claims etc.

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Scheduling ensures that the right technician with the required skill are allocated to their jobs with the right equipment to successfully execute the job.

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Various billing rules is available to choose the desired rule applicable to the customer based on estimates or actuals.

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GPS location tracking allow for visual real-time tracking of resources.

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Technician update real-time appointments using the mobile app to access customer history, take payments, enter expense claims, capture signatories as POD, dictate report and attach photo’s of work delivered.

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Specify which parts used in repair or installing jobs still carry warranty on failures or breakdowns as per multidimensional contracts. This help with customer satisfaction and billing accuracy.

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