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Why choose QEDO

QEDO Modern Cloud (Pty) Ltd (formerly eNovate Solutions), established in 2001, and its sister company QEDO (Pty) Ltd, namely the QEDO Group (“QEDO”) are an Information Technology (IT) group of companies focusing on design, implementation and support of true cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, can also be referred to as an Enterprise Management System (EMS).

It uses people, processes and technologies to craft tailored Enterprise Management Systems and entrench such systems through quality project execution, creating digital business operations enhancing efficiency and effectiveness within the client’s business causing disruption to its business sector, ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage enabling rapid growth of its bottom line.

QEDO’s highly specialised team has been more than 30 years in the IT industry providing QEDO with a solid track record in designing, configuring, customising, developing and deploying innovative true cloud ERP systems, providing reliable “one version of the truth” enterprise management information.

Our Value Added Services include:

Requirement Analysis

QEDO is able to advise and assist any potential customer who embarks on the implementation of true cloud ERP systems

Solution Design

Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) or Functional Design Documents (FDD)  are compiled specifying how the system is to be built.

Solution Implementation

QEDO uses the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) implementation methodology to execute ERP design and implementation projects.

Customisation and
System Integration

During the requirements and business process analysis stage of the project, additional functionality might be identified to be added to the standard  system to cater for unique business requirements.


The Project Manager takes full accountability for the successful execution and completion of the project within the project plan time lines, budget and a quality level acceptable to the customer.

Maintenance &

The Customer signs an EULA directly with the software vendor for the use of the software and maintenance of the software system. QEDO offers all of its customers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with preferential rates

QEDO was established in 2001, as an Information Technology (IT) company focusing on implementation and support of Business Management Systems (BMS), Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), Digital Transformation and associated services.

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